Quote Of The Week...

"Children need models rather than critics."
Joseph Joubert Persees

Dear Friends

Today I want to share a few quick thoughts about my new dog, Berkley...

Berkley was an unexpected gift from my best friend and business partner, Chris Bloor.

Chris found Berkley one day shivering under a car at a local shopping center.

It was raining cats and dogs! (Perhaps thats how Berkley got there in the first place!)

First of all he took him home but Helen (Chris's wife) had a fit and said No dogs!

Berkley has NEVER forgiven her for that!

So, Chris brought Berkley to my house.

It was love at first site!

Berkley fell in love with me!

However my two other dogs (Charlie and Cola) didn't quite know what to make of this 'pint sized' new member of the family.

I tried to find his previous owners and even call the local pound and vets.

Judging by how thin and flea-ridden he was I'm virtually certain he had been abandoned.

Either way, Berkley decided then and there to adopt me for life.

Who was I to argue?

If you met him you'd understand...

That was almost nine months ago now and Berkley has finally won his way into all our hearts.

What have we learned from him?

  • Unconditional love wins people over
  • Even a little dog can snore VERY loud!
  • It's not the size of the dog thats in the fight but the size of the fight thats in the dog that really counts! Berkley is really small but he is convinced he is a Great Dane
  • Sometimes thing just happen in life because they are meant to be... To be honest, I wasn't that happy when Chris arrived on my doorstep that cold, wet, rainy day with a new present for me. After all I already had two dogs, nine chickens, a rabbit and a gunie pig! Looking back, I wouldn't change Berkley coming into my life for anything. He is one of the best presents I've ever had!

It just took me and the other dogs a few months to realize how lucky we all were!

Keep safe until next time...

Conny The Clown

PS Watch for the next issue and I'll post a picture of Berkley

PPS Also, stay tuned for the further adventures of Berkley...