Hi Everyone

Hope you’ve all been having a great week. For those of you whom don’t know tomorrow night it’s the famous Avon Decent in Northan. Well I know because along with some of my other clown friends Like Jaz the Clown Sparkles the Clown and Charlie the Clown well all be there. So if you just happen to be there come and say hello to us. We’ll have balloon and face painting. We might even have some lollies as well. If you can’t get to Northan Ogdems at the Gosnels Hotel does a great family night every Saturday. There’s rock and roll music with 6IX and between 6.00pmand 9.00pm I will even be there. If anybody knows of other good family events happening around Perth let me know and I tell everybody else.

Till next time take care Warm regards Conny the Clown