Being Real

Hi Everyone

I am currently involved in the Speakers Academy Last Sunday we had a man named David teach us more about performance techniques His main topic was about being real .We were told about the story of the “Velveteen Rabbit “.Great kids story .Mums you need to get it to read to your children. Then we talked about masks. First there came the grotesque masks. Where the person wearing them had to display those characters. This was to show how we behave by wearing labels that others have given us. What’s real and what’s been imposed. Next we had the blank masks. This was to show how much we communicate without our faces. Then we were made to be something we weren’t i.e. boys had girls masks girls had boys masks. This was to show how obviously fake it was to be something your not. And last there was a green mask that showed nothing but the eyes. This gave a scary impression. It was a fun lesson maybe one that the mums can do at home to teach children the importance of being themselves .

Hope you have a great day

Warm regards Conny